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Grandstream IP cameras

Grandstream IP cameras

Grandstream's new family of next generation IP video surveillance products will initially consist of 1 and 4 port video servers/encoders (GXV3501 and GXV3504 respectively) as well as IP video cameras (GXV3601).

Grandstream's video surveillance products support advanced H.264 video at full rate and D1 resolution, along with SIP/VoIP for bidirectional audio monitoring/alarm/intercom and video streaming to mobile phones and video phones. They feature rich peripheral interfaces and powerful processing capabilities such as multiple input/output ports for sensor/alarm and PTZ control, SD port, USB port, integrated PoE, large 24MB pre-/post-event onboard recording buffer, integrated video analytics, and optional WiFi (802.11b/g).

These new video surveillance products are fully interoperable with all of Grandstream's award-winning IP video and VoIP products including the all-in-one IP PBX.