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TRrex High Density SWITCHES

TREX – Asterisk based Softswitch for carriers

Open Source architecture allows a flat learning curve

Asterisk, developed as an open source Softswitch concept made it to the state of the art choice in the VoIP industry during the last 10 years. For the first time the TREX product line allows a carrier grade, highly reliable usage of 6000 parallel channels (in a cluster environment a multiple can be achieved) by using the Asterisk concept.

Carrier Grade

By supporting almost every VoIP protocol and also SS7, the TREX 6000 Softswitch can be seamlessly integrated into existing telecom carrier infrastructures.


Take advantage of the broad spectrum of existing, ready-to-use solutions and easy expandability of the Asterisk architecture.


All components used for the TREX are certified for professional use and meet the highest requirements for telecommunication equipment.

TREX – optimized for virtual call center implementation (Cloud PBX)

Queue Engine

TREX in its base form already features complex ACD functionality. Different statistic functions are perfectly fitted for comprehensive reporting. Graphical tools for managing dynamic agents and queues can optionally be implemented!

Call Center (Inbound) functionality

TREX is perfect for realizing a busy lamp field which can limit the caller waiting time to a predefined time span in peak hours. That enables the call center capacity to be overbooked by the factor 2-3 without compromising any service quality for the caller.


Complex IVR trees and mailbox systems can easily be realized by customer demand. The possibilities are almost endless like automated caller dialogues, raffles, automated directory assistance and Audiotex systems, just to name a few.


High-availiability Linux Appliance Server

Completely preinstalled and tested system

Your advantage

The TREX Carrier Grade Softswitch enables you to realize complex and top notch implementations for a fracture of the usual costs. Our experts are developing soft switch technology since day-one of the Asterisk era. We offer you a highly flexible solution for an unbeatable price to performance ratio.

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