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snom Partner

snom Partner

Snom is proud of its success over many years, especially through its resellers who recommend and support Snom products worldwide. The new global Snom Partner Program rewards this commitment and builds a lasting relationship. Silver and Gold Partners benefit from exceptional discounts** on Snom products, access to marketing materials, various training sessions and direct contact with Snom. This gives partners everything they need to grow and pass on know-how to customers.

Take advantage of the highly acclaimed Snom VoIP telephony products and become a Snom Partner.

Once registered, you will be able to use all of the portal's helpful features and access Snom discounts and downloads depending on partner level. The Snom Partner Program dashboard provides you with all important information about your partner account, submissions, discounts, and current partner status.

Snom Registered Partner

snom Registered Partner Requirements:
  • Participation in the Snom sales webinar and successful validation by Snom
  • Free Snom phone****
  • Access to the Snom Partner portal
  • Access to special marketing materials:/li>
    • Snom Partner logo
    • Brochures and flyers as well as product images and guidelines
    • Online advertising banners

Snom Silver Partner

snom Silver Partner Requirements:
  • Successful participation in Snom online training (SOT)
  • Achieve an annual revenue target with Snom products
  • Partner provides Snom with at least one success story
  • Fixed discounts on every Snom product purchased from special distributors**.
  • Access:
    • Snom Partner logo
    • Marketing materials such as brochures, flyers or product images
    • Online banner
  • Invitations to exclusive Snom Partner event
  • After successful registration Silver Partner will receive a free Snom phone****

Snom Gold Partner

snom Gold Patner Requirements:
  • Successful participation in the Snom certified engineer training course
  • A Snom specialization
  • Fixed annual sales of Snom products*
  • Partner provides zwo duccess dtories to Snom sbout used Snom products
  • High discounts on every purchased Snom product**
  • Support for marketing campaigns
  • Digital access to:
    • Snom Partner logo
    • brochures, flyers, product pictures and guidelines
    • Online banner
  • The partner company is listed on the Snom website
  • Invitations to exclusive Snom Partner event

* The required annual turnover is determined for each country.
** The amount of discounts depends on the partner status and the selected products. Discounts cannot be claimed for all Snom products. (All Multicell products are excluded)
*** The Snom SCE training takes place over two days and is charged to the partner. Partners are invited to the next Snom training session.
**** Only one phone per partner/company can be requested.