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JOAN Roommanagment

The perfect fit for your office.

Display room reservations at the meeting room door, book on
your computer, smart device or on the spot. Enjoy your workplace.
Work better. Do more.

Powering a new era of innovation.

JOAN optimizes the way you meet by showing meeting information
right where you need it, at the meeting room door. See if the room
is occupied and until when, or view the meeting schedule. Eliminate
meeting interruptions and work without distractions.

A better way to manage your meeting rooms.

JOAN was designed to be the simplest and most effortless solution for
meeting room booking. Its cordless design, custom Magnetic Mount and
an unparalleled battery life measured in weeks make JOAN the perfect fit
for your workplace.


Joan Classroom Joan Executive Joan Manager

Room reservations in your calendar or at the meeting
room door. .

Room booking with advanced Wi-Fi security and meeting
room analytics.

The smartest way to manage room resources.
The daily schedule of each room, displayed at the door,
with real-time updates and alerts.