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BARCO Presentation

BARCO Presentation
Simply share your laptop or mobile device on a main presentation screen
Bring people, content and ideas together. And make sharing easier in every meeting – all with a simple click. No hassle. No messy cables. Just quick, confident sharing.

Plug into collaboration

With ClickShare, your meetings will never be the same again. Take sharing to a new level. Encourage people to work together. And nurture every idea.

Plug into reliability

No cables, no lengthy set-ups, no awkward moments. ClickShare is so easy to use you can count on it for every meeting. There’s no training required. And it’s highly intuitive – so your guests have nothing to worry about. Just click and share.

Plug into flexibility

Laptop? Tablet? Smartphone? No problem. Share your content – whatever device you’re using. Connect the Button to share from your laptop. Or use the free ClickShare app for mobile devices – available for Android and iOS.

An unmatched user experience

At the click of a button, the content of your laptop, tablet or smartphone is displayed on the large screen. The result is that all participants are involved more intensely in the decision-making process. Coupling extreme simplicity with an unmatched user experience, everybody who has used ClickShare is immediately hooked.

Different flavors of ClickShare

In order to perfectly answer your needs, ClickShare comes in four flavors: the CS-100 (for small meeting and huddle rooms), the CSM-1 and CSE-200 (for standard meeting rooms), and the full-featured CSC-1 (optimized for high-profile meeting rooms, boardrooms and conference rooms). In this way, you choose exactly the system you need.