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Jabra Engage series

Jabra Engage series
Jabra Engage series

Industry-leading wireless performance

Work away from the desk and still maintain a wireless connection that won’t let you, or your customers, down. The Jabra Engage Series enables 3 times as many people to work wirelessly in the same office space.

Crystal-clear calls

Advanced noise-cancelling microphone and enhanced speakers deliver crystal-clear calls even in noisy offices. Speaker software separates noise from speech, reducing user stress. All incoming calls can be adjusted to a user-defined sound level that stays constant for all day comfort.

All day battery life

Up to 13 hours' talk time - and when you do need to charge, the fast charge feature powers the headset to 40% in just 30 mins. You can connect to desk phone, softphone, analog phone, and 2 Bluetooth devices (only Jabra Engage 75).