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freeVoice Fox FX810 DECT Headset Mono FX810M

freeVoice Fox FX810 DECT Headset Mono FX810M

freeVoice Fox FX810M - Enjoy wireless freedom
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freeVoice Fox FX810M - Enjoy wireless freedom

  • Intuitive call control buttons on the headset
  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • Comprehensive Hearing Protection
  • Wireless range up to 100 meters
  • Up to 8 hours talk time
  • Conference mode with up to four headsets on a base
  • EHS interface for electronic call acceptance
  • Shock Protection DIN EN 60950-1
  • Scope of Delivery: Headband
  • Warranty 2 Years.

Headset FOX FX810M
Wearing styleHeadband, designed to be worn all day.
Call controlAccept, end and reject answer key for call; Docking process can also answer and end calls
AnzeigesignalLED zeigt Anrufstatus, Pairing-Status und andere Ereignisse an
Notification IndicatorAudio signals indicate incoming calls, low battery level, volume, mute and connection status.
Sound qualityDSP noise reduction, echo cancellation, equaliser, narrowband audio
Noise-canceling microphoneMedium-length microphone with background noise reduction reduces effective background noise and improves understanding.
ChargeCharge from the FX810M base station
Standard for wireless communication:(CAT-iq) EU DECT
DECT rangeUp to 100m
DECT frequenciesEU DECT: 1,88 ? 1,90 GHz
Audio-Shock-ProtectionProtects the ear of the user, by down regulating noise spikes and sudden loud noises to a safe level.
SpeakerBroadband speaker
Weight43 grams lightweight headset.
SARThe power is with less than 20 mW below the EN 62479 minimum limit.
Headset battery
Battery TypeLithium-ion polymer
Charging time: battery status LEDDisplays the battery status and informs you whether the battery needs charging. 20% charge in less than 20 minutes, 50% in less than 45 minutes, full charge in less than 3 hours
Battery LifeMin. 1000 charge cycles
Shelf life of the batteryShelf life of the battery: The charge of the headset battery is maintained in the off state for at least 6 months, before the battery needs to be charged again.
TalktimeUp to 8 hours
Standby timeMin. 50 hours
Base station
Telephone connectionsRJ-11 for the handset, RJ-11 for telephone (or headset port), RJ-45 for AUX (EHS adapter or lifter)
CompatibilityThe headset can be used on all common desk phones.

The wireless DECT Headset freeVoice Fox lets you be independent from your own desk workplace. Because of the easy installation and the intuitive handling it is the perfect wireless headset for first time users, but also for experienced and frequent callers.

Free yourself from your desk workplace! No matter if you need to get documents at the printer or folders classed on the shelve, or if you are at the coffee stand for a moment. With the freeVoice Fox FX 810 you stay connected and can answer calls directly from your headset in a 100 meter range.

Your health will benefit by the more relaxed body posture. You prevent tensenesses around your neck and back! This will influence yourself in a positive way so that your conversation partners will notice that as well.


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